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The future star of civil titanium products metal

Titanium is an amazing metal. As early as 1795, the German chemist Klapuroth discovered titanium, but in the next hundred years, the technology of purification of titanium metal development was slow, until 1910, the American chemist Hunter from the titanium oxide to extract pure titanium (99.9).

Pure titanium is about twice as strong as aluminum, while similarly strong steel is about 45 percent heavier, making it both stronger and lighter. In addition to being light and strong, titanium is also resistant to corrosion. When titanium comes into contact with oxygen, it produces an oxide film (titanium dioxide) that protects it from strong acids and alkalinity.

Therefore, this metal is quickly favored by all countries. Based on titanium, other elements are added to make titanium alloy, which is widely used in aerospace, navigation, submarine and medical industries.

However, titanium alloy process performance is poor, cutting is difficult, in the hot processing, very easy to absorb hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon and other impurities, the production process is complex. Thus, the industrial production of titanium did not begin until 1948. By the mid-1960s, titanium and its alloys had been used in general industries, such as electrodes for electrolysis, condensers for power stations, and heaters for oil refining and seawater desalination.

In recent years, with the improvement of technology, titanium is more and more used in general civil industry, especially pure titanium products, began to be popular in the market, into thousands of households, such as titanium cups, titanium tableware, titanium pot, titanium frame frame, titanium jewelry and so on.

Pure titanium itself composition is relatively simple, almost no other heavy metal elements; And titanium is a very biophilic metal, titanium alloy implanted in the body will not produce mutual exclusion phenomenon. Titanium, it may be said, is the representative of the health metal. So titanium is actually very good for cooking utensils and cooking utensils.

And Xiaobian thinks titanium is the most suitable for making thermos cups.

As we all know, the general stainless steel or other metal flask, is not able to hold drinks, will precipitate a metallic taste; And titanium's corrosion resistance allows it to hold drinks, even in super acidic vinegar.

Secondly, the titanium surface has inert oxide film protection, can make the cup has the effect of bacteriostasis and freshness preservation, can save the liquid more than the general thermos cup, lasting not metamorphism.

It has to be said that the titanium flask is portable enough for the busy elite of the modern world to travel with them.