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Baoji bonan metal material co., LTD., located in known as the "titanium city" ancient old - baoji, south qinling, north near WeiShui, is engaged in non-ferrous metal materials with titanium as the core research and development, production and processing and sales of technology companies, the company has abundant non-ferrous metals, refractory metal processing experience, and its alloy material to production, processing all kinds of high quality titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloys, zirconium, hafnium materials and tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other rare metal products, Widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, chemical, petroleum, weapons, metallurgy, medical, electroplating, ocean engineering, geothermal engineering, refrigeration industry, sports, tourism, energy and other fields, its plate, bar, ring, target materials and other kinds of processing products are favored by professional users at home and abroad. Relying on the professional technical support of baotai group and northwest nonferrous metal research institute, the company has modern supporting equipment and inspection equipment, advanced technology and strict management system. Companies adhering to the integrity of this, customer first business philosophy, always to ensure the material, the pursuit of user lifetime value and brand benefits for the purpose of the future development of the enterprise to lay a solid foundation.