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Development trend of aviation titanium alloy

With the rapid development of aviation science and technology, the new generation of aircraft must meet the needs of ultra-high speed, high altitude, long endurance and ultra-long range in the face of the increasing requirements of national defense construction. In order to improve the reliability of aircraft, advanced aircraft and engines increasingly increase the amount of high performance materials such as titanium alloy, and the structure is more and more complex. Therefore, aviation titanium alloy will be towards the direction of low cost, high performance development, and continue to carry out new brand independent research and development and new process development.

Study on strengthening low cost aviation titanium alloy

The aviation industry pays more attention to the balance between performance and cost of materials, and no longer blindly pursues high performance. Low-cost will run through the whole life cycle of products such as material selection, structural design, manufacturing process, testing and evaluation, and maintenance. Reducing the cost of titanium alloy has been the inevitable trend of industry development. Replacing expensive elements such as Nb, Mo and V with ordinary Fe element and developing near net forming technology will be two key directions to reduce the application cost of aviation titanium alloy engineering.

Study on strengthening high performance aviation titanium alloy

Although titanium alloys have good comprehensive properties, the existing aviation titanium alloys still can not fully meet the requirements of high performance materials in the aviation field. At present, the actual long-term use of high temperature titanium alloy is difficult to break 600℃, for the aerospace titanium alloy above 600℃ research is still in the test and pilot test stage, and there is a great distance from the large-scale development and application. In addition, the research and application of batch stability of flame retardant titanium alloy, high strength and high toughness titanium alloy and damage tolerance titanium alloy have become the focus of many scholars. In the future, the research of high performance aeronautical titanium alloy will be inclined to excavate the existing alloy deeply and develop new alloy.

Enhance the application of additive manufacturing in aviation titanium alloy

As the increase in recent years the development of manufacturing technology and application of laser gain material manufacturing technology overcomes the traditional technology to produce complex titanium alloy titanium alloy component, such as large deformation of titanium alloy cold resistance shortcomings, for large manufacturing provides a new technical way of the overall structure, and its mechanical properties with forging is, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics has successfully developed a titanium alloy strengthening box (a large bombers) a engine. The research and application of additive manufacturing technology for aviation titanium alloy will open up a new advanced manufacturing way for the processing and forming of aviation titanium alloy.