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"Classification of Titanium Sponge Enterprises"

On the sponge titanium enterprises of a class, two, three types of "classification" idea, also have to start from a visit in June last year, because that is the source of classification idea.

One day in June last year, the reporter went to a sponge titanium enterprise to interview the epidemic situation how to move toward the market? How to build a city with good quality? And so on. When chatting, the boss of the titanium sponge enterprise said, your titanium micro media might as well have a comprehensive understanding, look at the downstream titanium processing enterprises on the evaluation of the quality of the titanium sponge enterprise product, the formation of an effective data, so as to open the titanium sponge enterprise product quality in the market "classification" idea. At the time, I said it was difficult. The boss added that there are more than 10 domestic titanium sponge production enterprises, product quality is certainly not a level, from the long-term product quality consistency, stability, can be divided into a type of titanium sponge enterprises, two types of titanium sponge enterprises, three types of titanium sponge enterprises.

Thinking about it, I feel that the idea of the boss of the sponge titanium enterprise is very clear, the assumption is very reasonable. For example, the titanium processing enterprise treasure titanium group, the west superconductor and other products are very high price, because of the high quality of the technical content of its products, will naturally rely on a type of titanium processing enterprise status. Sponge titanium can continue to sell to the treasure titanium group, western superconductor to become the raw materials of high-end products, naturally also in line with the name of a type of titanium sponge enterprises. The reporter visited a lot of titanium processing enterprises in Xi 'an and Baoji, and consulted the consistency, stability and sustainability of the product quality of the domestic titanium sponge enterprises. Two or three titanium sponge enterprises have been ranked the top in the product quality evaluation, including the titanium sponge enterprises in Liaoning and Guizhou. Of course, people's opinions, wisdom, customers also have evaluation of the quality of Sichuan sponge titanium also keep up, Henan, Yunnan sponge titanium quality is also good. No matter how titanium processing enterprises evaluate, located in Liaoning, Guizhou that two or three sponge titanium enterprises product quality consistency, stability praise "+" most.

Since last June, after the boss put forward the classification of titanium sponge enterprises journalists began to focus on more than 10 domestic titanium sponge comprehensive enterprise product quality, to almost any titanium processing enterprises, will be extra a titanium sponge product quality evaluation is put forward, slowly also collected some about titanium sponge product quality consistency and stability of the composite. According to the titanium processing enterprises on the sponge titanium product quality consistency, stability, sustainability of the evaluation, sponge titanium enterprises can indeed be market classification. Because, although the recent unified price of sponge titanium 68,000 yuan/ton, but there is a company's certain level of sponge titanium products sold to 73-78,000 yuan/ton. And the sponge titanium product of great majority enterprise clinch a deal actually price is lower than offer price, a bit better than so is actual price had the process of a bit mutual ventilation, call for "tacit understanding".

On the day of the Lantern Festival, the reporter went to the world's four only domestic production of high-purity titanium enterprises ningbo chuang run interview, more believe that last June the boss put forward the classification of sponge titanium enterprises is reasonable. Because, good things can sell a good price, even if are zero level, level 1 will be based on the range of different values and different prices. Classification needs market recognition. Classification will make the superior better, and the latter will catch up, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the whole industry.

In the future interview, the reporter will track and collect the evaluation of the titanium sponge quality by the titanium processing enterprises according to the consistency, stability, sustainability and high-quality service, and let the market classify the titanium sponge enterprises.