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[future titanium market forecast] dialectical view of titanium military and titanium civilian products

Future Titanium Market Forecast

The military sector is growing towards stability

The field of civilian goods is growing steadily

China, the United States, Russia, Japan, and so on, the development of titanium almost all began with military and civilian products. Titanium industry started in China and abroad in the 1950s. Only after the start up to 2004, the development pace of China's titanium industry is far behind several countries with titanium industry system.

【 memories - in March 1958, during the meeting of the political bureau of the CPC central chengdu, metallurgical department to chairman MAO zedong presented the leap for non-ferrous metal production, occupied all fields of non-ferrous metal report, recommendations will be all of the 64 kinds of non-ferrous metals, including titanium developed. Suggest to get the attention of the central committee of the communist party of China and MAO zedong's affirmation, MAO zedong said: "64 kinds of non-ferrous metals" without it. In the same month, zhude inspection institute of nonferrous metals metallurgical department 10 kg of titanium sponge expand proving ground say: "it is very important to the metal titanium". The Chinese titanium industry from the base."

After starting, China's titanium industry until 2004, the annual output of sponge titanium was still hovering around 2,000 tons, while the United States, Japan and Russia were all above 10,000 tons. Since 2004, China's titanium industry has developed rapidly and become the world's largest producer and consumer of titanium. Despite the ups and downs, the market demand is still increasing. In particular, at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, titanium and titanium processing materials rose. In the year of the epidemic in 2020, the production of sponge titanium in China's titanium industry exceeded 100,000 tons for the first time and reached about 120,000 tons (the final statistical data is subject to the Ti-Zr-Hf Branch).

According to relevant data show, began in military, Xing at civil titanium industry in the past development, military field accounts for about 20%, civilian field accounts for about 80%. In recent years, the military sector has been growing at an annual rate of 20%, and is estimated to have doubled -- the most obvious and the largest rigid demand for titanium in the military market.

Reporters divide the field of civilian goods into large civilian goods and small civilian goods. Large civilian goods refer to petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear power, civil aviation, etc., while small civilian goods refer to medical care, sports, cooking utensils, tea sets, cups, etc. In recent years, the development momentum of small folk goods is very strong, and the cake is getting bigger and bigger. This phenomenon can also be regarded as the new material "biophilic metal" healthy titanium has gradually entered people's life. It is reported that at present, the domestic titanium welding pipeline has reached about 100, which is related to the development of civil titanium cup and pot field -- this is the civil product field market for titanium slow increase of rigid demand.

In theory, the military field just need to grow substantially, the civilian field just need to grow slightly, the price of sponge titanium should have a relatively large increase is very reasonable, and in fact, the price of sponge titanium is only slowly increase. Analyze carefully, that is the sponge titanium production growth rate is faster, 2020 will increase by about 50% on the basis of 2019. In view of the substantial growth in the military sector, small growth in the civilian sector, rapid growth in the production of sponge titanium, as well as the particularity of the military sector, the reporter combined with interviews with a number of entrepreneurs, comprehensive analysis of the future development of titanium industry and titanium market trend forecast is as follows:

01, three, five years later titanium and titanium processing enterprises will be more and more far the level of scientific and technological strength, strong enterprises are more and more strong, survival of the fittest will be more obvious, this is the inevitable strategy of China's science and technology. Some entrepreneurs are even further ahead, thinking the answer will come in two or three years.

02. The military sector is growing towards stability. After a certain period of development of military products and a certain amount of reserves, the military sector, in which the demand for military products has increased substantially, will gradually stabilize or even decline. Therefore, the military market is a limited growth in the long run.

03. The civilian goods sector is growing steadily. Because, combined with the national big health strategy, the new material metal titanium antibacterial, freshness, contact with the human body of the "biophilic metal" characteristics will be more and more recognized by consumers. The potential of healthy consumption in China's population market is huge. Therefore, the market for civilian goods will grow indefinitely in the long run.