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Titanium ore continues to rise, titanium materials enterprises follow

This week domestic titanium ore continues to rise, last week the price of sponge titanium has been raised to 68,000 yuan/ton, the transaction price also stood on the new high this year. This week, Baoji titanium processing and production enterprises have also increased the price of titanium materials, all kinds of materials rose 20 ~ 30 yuan /KG on average.

Titanium raw material market this week

1. Titanium ore market

This week, the domestic titanium ore spot is very tight, prices continue to rise, Friday climbing up 200 yuan. The price of 46 grade 10 titanium concentrate is about 2180-2200 yuan/ton (excluding tax), and 47 grade 20 titanium concentrate is about 2200 yuan/ton.

This week, import titanium ore market supply tension, prices up. Kenyan titanium ore is quoted at $280 / t and Mozambique at $330 / t.

2, titanium dioxide market

This week, there are Rui Titanium manufacturers surprise Xuan up 1000 yuan/ton, rutile titanium white market good orders more, the supply of tight. Sulphuric acid method rutile type titanium dioxide market ex-factory price 18100 ~ 19300 yuan/ton, anatase type titanium dioxide market mainstream ex-factory price 16300 ~ 17000 yuan/ton.

3, titanium tetrachloride, liquid chlorine market

This week, the domestic titanium tetrachloride market runs smoothly, the price is 6800 ~ 7500 yuan/ton.

This week, the liquid chlorine price rose slightly, the price is stable in 1919 yuan/ton.

4. Magnesium market

This week, the domestic price of magnesium dropped slightly, the price in 15650 yuan/ton.

Two, this week sponge titanium market

This week, the domestic titanium sponge market manufacturers offer in 68,000 yuan/ton, the actual transaction price is lower than the offer.

Grade 0 domestic 68,000 yuan/ton

Level 1 domestic 6.7 to 68 thousand yuan/ton

Level 2 domestic 64 to 65 thousand yuan/ton

Three, this week Baoji titanium material market

This week, Baoji titanium market material prices by factors such as sponge titanium price rise, enterprises have increased the price, the variety of rise and the recent price rise of sponge titanium close.

TA1 ingot quotation: 75,000 ~ 78,000 yuan/ton

TA2 ingot quotation: 7.4 ~ 75,000 yuan/ton

TC4 ingot quotation: 94,000 ~ 96,000 yuan/ton

TA1EB slab price: 85,000 ~ 86,000 yuan/ton domestic titanium hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil price:

Quotation for black roll: 8.7 ~ 89,000 yuan/ton

Cold rolled coil quotation: 120 ~ 130 thousand yuan/ton

Hot rolled plate (1.5 meters wide) quotation: 96,000 ~ 98,000 yuan/ton

Titanium tube blank quotation: 100 ~ 105 yuan/kg

Finished titanium tube (Φ20 ~ 30mm) quotation: 135 ~ 145 yuan/kg finished pure titanium light rod (Φ20 ~ 40mm) quotation: 140 ~ 145 yuan/kg finished titanium alloy (TC4) light rod (Φ20 ~ 40mm) quotation: 250 ~ 280 yuan/kg